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Does anyone else wonder how fashion bloggers make enough money to pay the rent for beautiful apartments and furnish it with beautiful furniture, spend thousands on a pair of shoes each week and travel to wonderful places, staying in boutique hotels and eat in fancy restaurants?

There’s either a lot more money in it than I realised or they have mad budgeting skills.

A mystery.

…driven through insufferable hunger to eat those things which nature most abhorred, the flesh and excrements of man as well of our own nation as of an Indian, digged by some out of his grave after he had laid buried there days and wholly devoured him; others, envying the better state of body of any whom hunger has not yet so much wasted as their own, lay wait and threatened to kill and eat them; one among them slew his wife as she slept in his bosom, cut her in pieces, salted her and fed upon her till he had clean devoured all parts saving her head.

—Jamestown in the winter of 1609-1610, according to a 1619 document that recounted the settlements’ early years. Even if the story sounds worse than it actually was to make it a more interesting telling, there is no ignoring the fact that in the fall there were 214 settlers. In the spring, there were 60. It was called “the Starving Time” for a reason. (via historical-nonfiction)

Can you imagine how awful it would have been to know that this was your only option?

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Only Lovers Left Alive

Is impossible to see in the West Country. Seriously. It’s like a conspiracy.
But I can watch Frozen six times a day in four different formats. And that’s been out forages. Sigh.





one time I tripped on my own feet when I was walking

"Olympian" - adj. majestic or godlike in manner or bearing


I don’t understand how this kind of thing is physically possible.
Also, ice skaters must have a scarily high tolerance to the cold. They probably haven’t had goosebumps since they were five.

And I’m incredibly jealous that they can be so graceful and strong and balanced.

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The weather is kinda scary

When the wind is actively strong enough to help kill people and the rain is ruining peoples lives, I think it’s safe to say that the best place for me is inside and making cookies. And then eating them.







Don’t let that image fool you. Click on the video; you won’t regret it.

(You’ll probably also shed a few tears at the end.)


See this, THIS is how adult education and illiteracy should be in real life.
People being kind, supportive, encouraging, not mocking because you took a little longer to learn something.
I’m sorry I get really emotional about people learning and education and I’m crying really hard right now because I really wish this was a commercial for a adult education network/organization that was becoming mainstream and commonplace and celebrated and not about alcohol

This is a beautiful commercial. Even though it is a commercial for alcohol, it hands down beats the usual marketing devices for such products.

this is fucking fantastic


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I watched the National Theatre Live production of Coriolanus last night. Oh my God.

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